Seras, LLC is a BBB Accredited Computer Business Service in Columbia, SC

You Asked...We Listened!

Unlike many other service providers in the information technology and records management industries, Seras truly understands the needs of its customers: an honest, professional, organized service provider that shows up on time, every time. Our customers can attest to our accessibility, communication, and flexible budget options to meet their needs. As more and more of our document scanning customers in the Columbia, SC area began asking for good help, we began offering complete computer and information technology services to businesses in Columbia, West Columbia, Cayce, Irmo, Lexington, and many other municipalities in the Greater Columbia, SC market.

Computer Services Personal Touch Columbia, SC

Personal Touch. Literally.

Our management team is the best of the best and brings an awesome variety of business experience to Seras:  Our leadership team shares many common values including a commitment to family and the community, honesty and integrity in everything we do, active lifestyles, and competitive urgency for all aspects of our operation.

With his background in technical project management and advanced systems analysis and repair, Steven leads the technical team with special attention to customer goals versus technical band-aids or overkill.  He truly understands that you've hired him to empathize with you, clarify your needs, execute a plan for resolution, and follow up to ensure that the problem is fully resolved with limited to no interruption to your day-to-day operations.  Steven loves building new systems for our customers: from multi-rack server systems to specialized workstations and has an uncanny knack for creating great values that exceed our customers' expectations.

Ryan manages our awesome staff of scanning technicians with special attention to confidentiality, security, and quality control.  He really is a jack of all trades - assisting with technical service calls, scanning deliveries and pickups, marketing and promotional activities, and assisting as needed with dispatch and scheduling.  With nearly 10 years in administrative management positions, Ryan totally understands the way your business works and always works hard to make your job easier!

Harry has over 10 years experience in a variety of sales environments including 5 years of customer service management in the document shredding industry. He is focused primarily on the acquisition of new accounts, as well as detailed problem-solving for specific customer requests.  He also handles finance and administrative functions for Seras.  Harry provides one of our biggest competitive advantages: a conduit between service technicians and our customers.  Seras technicians always do their absolute best to speak in generalities and terms that customers can understand, but many problems and resolutions are difficult to translate.  Harry understands this roadblock and always works hard to ensure that the customer understands what has happened and what is going to happen to keep their business running at peak performance. 

Thank you so much for your generous donation and service to A Place for Hope, Inc.
The friendly spirit and camaraderie shared, and the time spent with positive role models teaches them life lessons they will never forget.
— Helena M. (President)

Community Focused

As a local service provider, Seras places great value in the communities in which it operates. We have helped a number of local charities and non-profits including A Place for Hope, The Haven, Bridges Clubhouse, Eastminster Presbyterian Church, Family Promise, Eastminster Day School, The Town of Fort Mill, Forest Lake Presbyterian Church, Harvest Hope, and CampMates along with a number of free community shred days that we hosted.

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You were all a blessing to us and we are greatly appreciative of all your hard work. Again, thank you for all you did…
— Lisa D (Case Manager)

Records Management Columbia, SC

Records Management Investments

For records management and document scanning services, Seras uses the highest quality hardware and software available in the industry with multiple options for speed, clarity, and end-product formulation. We can transform your paper records into indexed electronic files and give you the ability to easily retrieve any of them when needed.

Once scanned, the digitized data is accessible from any computer with a CD or DVD drive, from different document imaging systems, or directly from your office computer using either networked or cloud-based storage solutions.  

Seras also utilizes back-up systems to ensure all projects are completed within your specific timelines and that your valuable data is available when you need it.

The People

The BestIT Services Technicians Columbia, SC

Currently, Seras partners have over 40 years experience in the service industry. Specific experience ranges from detailed service programs for businesses to business services to general project management for multi-stage, multi-contracted projects.

Seras professionals are clean-cut, uniformed, and undergo 7-year state and federal criminal background checks along with annual drug testing.

Seras personnel make a site visit to every potential client to adequately evaluate the specific needs relevant to each individual customer. Customized programs are put in place utilizing Seras’ specific strengths to maximize efficiency, security, and overall return on investment for each client. Seras is locally-owned and operated providing 24-hour access to owners and management, which means unlimited access for customer questions and requests. Call us today for a free systems evaluation in Columbia, Lexington, West Columbia, Irmo, or any other area in the Greater Columbia, SC market!