Need to take full advantage of your phone system?  Want to beef up security?

While telephone and security cameras do not typically go hand-in-hand, they do at Seras.  Our technicians specialize in network infrastructure and more mainstream IT and computer service requests, but we have installed a number of camera systems and re-programmed many phone systems.  If a customer asks us to get something done, we get it done. (even if it means partnering with someone in our extensive network of industry professionals)

While many audio/video companies attempt to overwhelm the typical business buyer with technical jargon, the reality is that camera system installation requires the typical basic cable installation and management systems that we utilize on a weekly basis when installing new internet lines for customers.

Even if we have to partner with a specialty service provider, our customers always reiterate how nice it is to have one service provider that they can work with for all technology-related service requests.

Digital Security Services Columbia, SC

We understand the necessity of communication!

Telecom Solutions Columbia, SC

How can a machine that you plug into a phone jack and talk into be so frustrating at times?  We get it.

We have many customers that ask us to work with their phone hosts or to find a new telecom service provider.  Others have asked us to setup a new system that was already on site and many just ask us to fix some minor bugs in their current system.

Whatever your problem, we'll get to the bottom of it.  Guaranteed. 

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