One size does not fit all...

Tired of choosing the gold, silver, or bronze package and trying to figure out what the differences really are?  Seras customizes every customer's plan to meet their specific needs!

On-Call Support Services

Hourly-billed service calls

Seras provides top-notch computer and IT support to many small businesses that have limited users and only wish to hire us for on-call services.  There are obviously tremendous benefits to a monitoring service, but many small businesses just don't have the need for daily monitoring.  Our on-call programs allow you to have a go-to IT company that knows your system, routines, schedules, and infrastructure without you having to pay a monthly maintenance fee.  This option is simple: call us when you need us and we'll be there.


The All-Inclusive Program

complete managed services with  fixed pricing

Ready to lock in an annual IT budget?  Tired of fluctuating invoices and trying to keep up with what work was completed and if the costs are really warranted?

Network Management Services Columbia, SC

Occasionally we meet with a new customer that wants a flat rate for services paid on a monthly, annual, or quarterly basis and we are happy to oblige.  Historically, this pricing structure creates a frustrating scenario for the customer when working with other vendors because the service provider already has their money and is not as motivated to resolve problems in a timely manner.  Seras is fully aware of this concept and always works hard to create a value for both the customer and Seras that provides for the fastest response times in the Columbia SC market.

The Hybrid Model

Managed Services with On-Call Support Services
*Our most popular model*

Managed IT Services Columbia, SC

Our hybrid model provides tremendous value to customers of all sizes and types.  A flat-rate plan forces the service provider to estimate the potential time spent at a specific customer during a specified period of time.  Inevitably, the service provider must inflate the flat-rate price to cover the potential for extended service requests during a billing period.  For example, a customer with a small server/network infrastructure and 15 employees may typically require 5 hours of service work per month.  As a service provider, flat-rate pricing must inflate this time frame to at least 8 hours per month just in case there are extenuating circumstances that require additional service times.  So, the customer that wants monthly monitoring peace of mind and flat rate pricing ends up paying closer to $1000 per month instead of $600 per month with a hybrid model.

The Hybrid Model with Seras allows this customer to pay a discounted monitoring rate on a monthly basis for protection, continuity, and peace of mind and combine it with a discounted hourly rate for service calls.  In the long-term, service calls are reduced by the monitoring service and total IT-related expenditures are reduced while maximizing the value for the customer.

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