7 Tips for IT Device Management

Do your computers and other IT devices always seem to fail during the last few minutes before a critical deadline?  Do they quickly become frustrating due to speed, features, performance, compatibility, or appearance?  Here are some ways to keep you and your staff running smoothly and spend less time worrying about IT problems.

Physically Protect your Investment in IT Devices

Laptops, tablets, phones, and other IT devices are becoming more and more expensive.  Many of these devices are used in a variety of work environments - some are used within a strict area such as in exam rooms 4, 5, and 6 in a doctor's office.  Others, however, may visit construction sites across three states in one single day and be exposed to concrete and sheet rock dust, water and other liquids, bouncing or dropping, or dirt and grime in general.

Evaluate the specific users, uses, and environments in which each IT product will be used and purchase a protective case that will exceed each individual set of requirements.  Why put a pretty, sleek case on an IPad for a foreman that is visiting rough environments or a bulky, heavy case on a tablet or laptop that is only used in a physician's office?

Update Operating Systems and other Important Programs

Hackers and their viruses are similar to the flu, however they are a year-round problem.  They are always upgrading, learning, and finding ways to beat the latest and greatest versions of anti-malware programs.  To protect your investment in IT equipment not only must you keep your operating system updated, such as performing basic MS Windows Security Updates, but you must keep your end-point malware and virus protection programs up to date.

In yet another example, lets assume that protection is in place.  Often, a new software program is purchased and loaded onto a network for a small business.  At the last minute, one or two IT devices are found that are "not compatible" with the new software.  Furthermore, it is discovered that the users of these devices were not performing even the most basic software updates to their operating systems.  At this point, the initial software upload becomes a multi-day install that sparks last minute employee education.

Keep Your Staff Informed and Trained

Performance, preservation, and maintenance of your IT equipment should be a staple of your company culture - as important as maintaining a clean facility or following dress codes.  Employees do not need to be experts to understand some of the basics - password management, upgrades and basic virus protection, and the risks of unsecured or potentially dangerous links or attachments.

Purchase the highest Quality IT Equipment that will meet your Requirements

Not every customer needs the latest and greatest, but many suffer from saving a few dollars on a lower-quality product.  Re-furbished PCs, knock-off tablets, and many other low-cost options are available for purchase.  In most cases, these products use low-quality hardware components and leave users disappointed with life-span and warranty services.

Upgrade before it is too lateIT

Don't let your aging IT device leave you in a bind while on the road or working to meet a deadline.  At some point, all devices fail due to the number of components that keep them running.  IT products are constantly changing and big bulk suppliers are always offering big sales on various items.  Keep your eye on replacements and when the right value is found, make the purchase and upgrade before its too late.

Always have a Fallback Team for Support

Perhaps most important for business continuity is to have an affordable, reliable IT service provider that can provide a quick turnaround for problems that are not able to be resolved by in-house staff.  Seras prides itself on offering same day service in most cases, and guarantees 24 hour response to all service requests.  Furthermore, our management staff is available 24 hours a day to handle any request that our customers may have.

Seras can also provide routine support for all of your IT components along with staff training and services related to all of the prior tips noted above.  Click here to get started!