Pre-Storm Preparation

As I type this Hurricane Matthew is currently off the coast of Florida and headed towards the Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina coastline.  At Seras we provide computer services support to businesses across the Midlands. We want to make sure that everyone is safe and is prepared for Hurricane Matthew.  We have a few simple tips for those who are trying to prepare their computer equipment and other technological devices for the damaging effects of this storm.  




Pre-Storm Preparation

Back up all data and confirm that the backups are complete

Unplug all electronics that aren't critical

Move all electronics off of the floor

Unplug ethernet cables from the back of your computers, phones and fax machines

Move sensitive documents to an attic or a safe place

Have an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) battery backup and surge protectors

Make sure all mobile devices are fully charged

Make sure you have extra flashlights with fresh batteries


For more ways to protect yourself and/or your business from the damaging effects of a hurricane, check out this list here: Hurricane Preparedness.

We hope this helps and we are praying for the safety of the families of those effected by this storm and for the emergency responders who are working so hard to keep everyone safe.