How to Remember a more Secure Password

Seras technicians work on customer PCs in the greater Columbia area everyday and quite often they need access to a customer's password in order to access and test computer hardware, software, and other network components.  Quite often customers say, "I use 'abc123' for everything" (or something to that effect).

Hackers use "dictionary attack" programs to quickly run through a long list of known words to attempt to hack into unknowing users' accounts.  Often these hacking programs can uncover a password within minutes, therefore a one word password is not going maintain any significant level of security.Secure Password Computer Services Columbia SC

So what now?  How do you create a more secure password that is also easy to remember?  The answer: Phrases.

For example, think of your favorate restaurant:


Now think of a way to talk about making it the best:


Now add a capital letter:


Now add a number:


Now add a symbol:


This process virtually eliminates the possiblity of a "dictionary attack" and creates a more secure password than most that is also very easy to remember.  For help with passwords or anything else computer or IT related, contact us here.  Now go out there and create your new passwords!