Scanning Benefits for your Business

As a business owner or manager one of your goals is to find opportunities to help your business enhance the security of your data, become more efficient and reduce operational costs. One opportunity for businesses to accomplish those goals is document scanning. Last week we discussed when is it time to start using a document scanning service. This week we will discuss why you should start using a document scanning service. Here are some of the scanning benefits that your company can discover:

Scanning Benefit # 1: Additional Office Space

When you take advantage of document scanning services you reduce the amount of wasted space in your office. Space that is often wasted in an office are tons of file cabinets, excess boxes and desk space. Not only do you have more room to work but you provide more space for other office equipment and supplies that you need in your office.

Scanning benefits that frees up office space can help businesses in this regard:

Re-use office space for staff to focus on more profitable, core business activities

Additional workstations and people, avoiding costly office moves due to lack of space

Move to a smaller location and benefit from lower facility and housekeeping costs

Helps to de-clutter your office space which helps reduce stress on you and your employees

Employees can enjoy their new office space and be more productive - A cleaner office boosts employee morale

Scanning Benefits






Scanning Benefit #2: Enhanced Security

Data security is at the top of the goals and concerns for all business owners and managers. There is a much larger risk of paper documents being damaged, stolen or lost through fire and flood. With digital file management comes control and reduced risk. Manage access and exceed your security goals - should the housekeeping staff have access to your company, employee, and client files? Should employees have access to payroll and benefit information? Electronic records allow for simple-to-use security measures that are easily managed.

Improved security, peace of mind and data protection compliance

Scanned documents can be securely stored in a document management system which has security requirements and access to be available only at certain user or role levels

Scanned documents can be regularly backed up

Scanned documents will remain in the same pristine condition from the time they are scanned, as opposed to paper documents where the quality of the document is reduced over time and wear occurs

Permanently capture older, damaged documents with crystal clarity and protect important files form weather damage and theft - with records properly stored and backed up, you can eliminate the worry of flood, fire or other damage to stored paper files.

Scanning Benefit #3: Increased Efficiency

Once your files are scanned, you will be able to retrieve files faster, reduce workflow downtime, and provide enhanced customer service. With patient or client files at your fingertips, there is no longer a need to send staff into storage rooms, attics, basements, storage providers or to storage units looking for files.

Scanning documents provides the opportunity to create and complete many levels of workflow efficiency by allowing multiple-user access to files or folders and by giving employees the ability to fit those documents into appropriate and relevant record keeping functions. Whether you need 24/7 access to all files or occasional access to some files, scanning and organizing your documents in an electronic medium is faster and more efficient than sorting boxes full of papers.

Scanning Benefit #4: Reduced Operational Costs

Maximize storage space, eliminate file retrieval down-time and costly records storage services. By having your files stored digitally in-house, you can greatly reduce the time and man-power it takes to locate files.  Less work hours need to be spent searching for files and scavenging through boxes and file cabinets.

Scanning Benefit #5: Enhanced Company Image

If a vendor, associate, or customer requests a document from a closed file, how long does it take you to get it to them?  In most cases where an outsourced storage service is used, it takes about three days.  Scanning services allow you to send requested documents within minutes, thus enhancing the image of your company in the eyes of the requestor.  Going paperless boosts productivity and boosts a company's responsiveness toward requests from their clients/customers.  Moving to a document scanning service also gives companies an edge over their competition.

Additionally, Seras provides disks with your company logo and any other requested labeling information that can be provided to your customers, vendors, or associates with closing letters or other correspondence.  This not only enhances a company's image, but reduces call backs for requesting old files.

The benefits that a company who moves to using a document scanning service can enjoy follow a path. With scanning, companies have the benefits of a cleaner office which helps boost employee morale, which helps produce a more efficient workplace, which reduces the operational costs and allows for an enhanced company image and security.

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